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Right on...

This community is rad.... too bad it seems to be lagging...

If you're interested I have some stuff I wrote about being in Canada.. might be appropriate...


Want to read an impression of a mad cow?
There ya go.
Wanna read some interesting info told to me (not necessarily the most reliable source, but if anyone has anything they can give me to back it up, or completely disband it, many thanks in advance.)
So here goes.
I’m not sure exactly when, but Canada got hit with one, that’s right, ONE mad cow disease diagnosis.
According to a show I saw on it, mad cow is caused from feeding the cow feed that included other Cow byproducts. Cow cannibalism. It causes holes to form in the brain, and eventually seizure. It’s been thought that cannibal tribes went similarly “mad” in Africa with the practice, and it was even speculated that Mad Cow could be the source for Alzheimer’s. Now, keep in mind, I saw this on TV, so who knows how true and what spin there could be on that, I haven't done other research and can't remember where I saw it.
Anyhoo, Cows get mad cow from gobbling up fellow cows. Gross.
Canada had one, uno, einz, however you want to say it, case.
The American government immediately stopped import of any Canadian beef. Millions of cattle were slaughtered in Canada to “be on the safe side” because the only way you can tell if they have it is by killing them.
Or I don’t know, a BLOOD TEST. Or if that’s not an option, test as they are killed for meat, maybe. Not just killing them to “be safe.”
Millions of cattle were slaughtered in Canada to be sure.
Mother nature has got to hate us.
Now here’s where it gets interesting.
Britain had 37 cases of Mad Cow, after Canada’s one.
But, sanctions against British beef have already been lifted.
Also, speculation is that the Mad Cow in Canada came from AMERICA, but authorities have refused to investigate, saying that its unnecessary since there’s no proof.
Now I always thought that’s what investigations were SUPPOSED to do.
Either way, Canadian farmers are lost to millions of dollars and cattle.
And isn’t it funny, Britain agreed w/ us on the war….
While Canada failed to support the US.

Just some food for thought... mmmm lets go to McDonalds.....

Feel free to disagree I love debates, lol.
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